Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said

The only constant is change

Life is about transformations. We either create them ourselves or watch them coming from external sources. In career terms, we transition through roles, managers and teams. Companies execute re-organisation, expansion and contraction plans. To adapt efficiently and effectively, we must build strong capabilities, both as individuals and as organizations.

My biggest strengths

According to strengths-based psychologists people should invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their weaknesses. This leads them to be better in their careers and happier in life.


Routine and structure is something I enjoy. My world is best described by the order I create.


I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. The process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites me the most.


I take psychological ownership of what I say I will do. I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.

Personal transformation

Throughout my career I moved between different marketing areas such as traditional advertising, social media, community development, user acquisition with promo codes, web and SEO and product marketing. Lately, I have been interested in new product development.